Coaches Corner

Welcome coaches,

Thank you for volunteering your time and giving the children in our community the opportunity to play soccer and work together as a team. Whether you have played soccer before or not, your contribution to these children is priceless.

About Coaching time:

This is a volunteer league so the times for practicing are up to each coach. As a coach we know your time is tight so the practices are up to you. Many coaches will make practice on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday but you can work it out in a way that works for your schedule. Practices start anywhere from 4:30 to 6:00; though, during the Fall season it gets dark earlier and earlier as the season continues.  Generally we have games on Saturday that start at one of three times in the morning: 9:00, 10:15 or 11:30. We do have a couple of games that will be scheduled on the weekdays, either Tuesday or Thursday at 5:30 as makes up games.

There are a few requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to coach a team in our league. Once these items have been completed a coach will be ready to receive their team rosters. These requirements are safety issues.

1. Each coach must now register with NMYSA. Just like children are registered for playing, coaches must crehate an account and register. This  allows us to connect you with a team and also to take care of a background check. This check is done by the New Mexico Youth Soccer Association through the registration system. All coaches must register, no exceptions. We can help with registration for coaches at the in person player registration dates if needed.

2. Concussion Training: Both state and national level soccer organizations now require coaches to be aware of the causes, symptoms and best practices in handling sports related concussions in youth athletics. Ths league requires each coach to take the free online training for concussion awareness. It only takes about 20-30 minutes. Once the training is complete you can print out a copy to give to the league secretary (Tim Lewis) or email a copy of the certificate to the league at

This training only has to be completed once every four years.

CDC Information and training for coaches:
Fact Sheet
Free on-line concussion training for coaches
Coaches, please email your certificate to
         or print out and provide a copy to a board member


3. Play Soccer: Once you complete these items and the teams have been organized you will receive your team roster, setup a practice time and called your team members to invite them to practice. Team rosters will be handed out at a coaches meeting every season prior to the first week of practice.


There is some online training available for coaches and referees from NMYSA. Though these are not required they are educational and informative for both new and experienced coaches. Youth Module I is a free training and can be taken at your own speed and available time. Please email the league any copies of certificates you obtain so we can have them on file.

NMYSA Training Site

By: Bob Bigney / Technical Director New Mexico Youth Soccer Association – September 2017
Bob came up and gave a lot of great pointers during a coaches clinic and put together a little packet as a resource. Great place to start.

A few notes off of Bob’s instruction >  5 HINTS TO A SUCCESSFUL PRACTICE

1. Be Prepared – Arrive early to set up your practice / Have a plan for your practice

2. Get It Started Quickly  -Get your players moving as soon as they show for practice.  Use one player to demonstrate drills / Over The Top Praise / Use Key Words “FREEZE” / Home Base, use as a reset/ Simple Actions to Soccer Functions/ Separate Players from the balls when giving instruction

3. Hide The Learning In The Fun -Red Light , Green Light / Hand The Ball, Toss The Ball, Bring Back The Ball /Introduce Soccer Terms, Soccer Specifics

4. Make It Look Like Soccer– Soccer Players Have To Think For Themselves / Multiple Goal Drill, set up multiple”goals”, see how many goals they can score in time, then have them beat their personal best in time

5. Let Them Play – Set aside a portion of practice to let them scrimmage.

A site for quick and easy understanding of the game and for coach support.
To go right to the drills for practices go to
This has easy to follow activities grouped by topic (passing, dribbling, etc.) with the appropriate age group.


U6 to U10 Coach Tips and Activities    -Some quick hints for coaches and some activities for multiple ages.
The Official US Youth Soccer Coaching Manual    – If you are asking, “How do I do this?” then this is the manual for you. It has a lot of information on coaching to young children and at end of each chapter (grouped by age), there are some sample practice activities.


Another good source for training is the US Soccer Training site. They offer the USSF F License (Online Course) for 25$ that  can be taken at your own speed and available time. Again, please email the league any copies of certificates you obtain so we can have them on file.

US Soccer Training Site

New to coaching? Are you nervous? Need some help and ideas?
Feel free to ask fellow coaches and board members if you have questions. Every coach was new once. Here are some links to sites that may help coaches out. Also YOUTUBE is a great resources for finding out specific answers and giving good visuals on play strategies and techniques.


Guidelines for different ages and skills to be covered by the US Youth Soccer website.

Coach Manual for younger ages from US Youth Soccer

Coach Resource from US Youth Soccer

Other sites:
NMYSA Coaches Corner