Update! Coaches calling and our new teams!

Update! Coaches calling and our new teams! (9/12/2016)
All coaches should have their lists for teams and should be working on calling to get practices started. Please be patient. All of our coaches are volunteers, many are new, and must work around their own schedules to call and get practices going.

New teams! After the meeting this last May, with concerns from the community, one of the many changes we voted on to implement as a board was our team formations. To give kids chances to play with many different kinds of players, coaches and teams we will have new teams each fall season. In the spring the teams will stay the same as this fall. Next fall we will resort the teams again to provide a fresh new and fair season of soccer.

Your children will be in new teams this year just like when they start a new grade in school. The selection of teams is random and there were no requests this season just as it had been stated in past season. We try to balance the teams based on gender and age as best we can. This is strategy that many leagues throughout the country use to form teams. It allows players to stay with a team for a full year and then learn to play with new teams and players as we move forward. This was decided on by the board this summer. This, along with many of the other changes that were mandated by our state association, is set up to provide a fair, fun and safe environment for our children to play soccer.

At this point we have already formed teams and ordered jerseys for those teams. it is not possible to reorganize the teams at this time. We had a good turn out for the registration and with all the kids playing it promises to be a fun season of soccer for our kids.

Thank you so much for being a part of such a wonderful tradition here in Lincoln County and thank you for your patience.